Building language bridges to Austria

Language is the mother of thought, not its handmaiden.
(Karl Kraus, Austrian journalist, critic, playwright and poet, 1874 – 1936)

Ursula Derx – English to German Medical Translator

Translations, adaptations for Austria
Editing, proofreading
Linguistic validation

Client feedback

What do I translate?

Specialized texts: study documents, contracts, protocols, ICFs, patient questionnaires, brochures, manuals, package inserts, prescription information.
Advertising texts: plots and spots, flyers, folders & more.
Online texts: websites, banners, e-mails
Scientific texts: papers, excerpts
Technology: software, manuals
English to German
Specialty: German for Austria


Who does the translation?

I  am your contact person and do all the translations and other tasks myself. If requested, I can call another linguist in for proofreading and/or other tasks.

Ursula Derx

How do I translate?

Accurately, promptly, reliably, keeping everything confidential.


How do you benefit?

Your message is put accross – exactly as you intended it.
You demonstrate expertise – with accurate texts.
You win customers. Targeted communication is the key to success.
You enjoy security. Quality is guaranteed.
You act locally and internationally. Language makes the difference.

… and everything is taken care of.