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Further education

Translating Life Sciences 2021
Easy (German) language 2021
BP 2021 Online
BP Workshop Week 2020
BP 2020 Online
ATA GLD WS Erfurt 2020
BP 2019 Bologna
ÜB-Seminar Ysper 2018
BP 2018 Vienna
ATA GLD WS Berlin 2018
BP 2017 Budapest
ATA GLD WS Munich 2016
ÜB-Seminar Ysper 2016
BP 2015 Zagreb
BP 2014 Budapest
Proz.com Conf. Barcelona 2012
ÜB-Seminar Ysper 2011
Proz.com Conf. Prag 2010
ÜB-Seminar Ysper 2009
Proz.com Conf. Vienna 2009
Proz.com Conf. Budapest 2007
Proz.com Conf. Berlin 2006


Rest assured.

Quality standards regulate the flow, from the offer to the prompt delivery.

  1. I will make you an individual offer according to your requirements.
  2. I will prepare for the job, read project documents, and do the necessary research.
  3. I translate into German, my native language, and take market, culture, and target group into consideration.
  4. I store uniform terminology in a glossary.
  5. I proofread and edit the texts.
  6. If required, I can offer proofreading by a second translator.
  7. I deliver in the original formatting or in any format, as required by you.