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Translating clinical studies 2022
Medical Terminology 2022
Translating Life Sciences 2021
Easy (German) language 2021
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Proz.com Conf. Barcelona 2012
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Proz.com Conf. Vienna 2009
Proz.com Conf. Budapest 2007
Proz.com Conf. Berlin 2006


An expert in the medical field.

As a doctor’s daughter I have taken great interest in medical subjects ever since I started my studies at Vienna University. I enrolled medical courses and had all my translations reviewed by my father. In the meantime I have built up years of experience in translating medical texts and can count on relationships with several doctors and specialists, whom I can ask to explain, if required.

As a professional translator I am experienced in the following fields:

  • Medicine, pharmacology including quality assurance steps, like editing/proofreading
  • Botany and biology
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Tibetan Medicine
  • IT, software
  • Marketing

What was that called again?

My database is my memory. Translation memory. Glossaries.
This is where I store your specialized terminology so that I can guarantee that it will be applied uniformly. This creates consistency and continuity. This is just one of many quality features. I use SDL Trados Studio.