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Further education

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Further education

This year’s translators’ seminar organized by the Austrian Übersetzergemeinschaft was held under the motto “City, country, river …” and I attended the English course held by Hans-Christian Oeser. During the course we translated travel literature by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and D.H. Lawrence into German.

Lively discussions and valuable inputs from colleagues made the seminar a great success.

(created on May 6, 2013)


Medical translations into German for Austria

Extraordinary requirements need specialized skills in the medical field. Tasks may include:

  • Concept elaboration
  • Forward translation reconciliation
  • Backtranslation
  • Organizing a clinician’s review
  • Pilot testing
  • Cognitive debriefing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • System testing

Please contact Ursula Derx for more information.

(created on Feb. 18, 2013)


Is your target audience Austrian?

Do you want your website to be found by Austrians in their German language Google search?
Do you want to approach them in their own language?

Of course, many Austrians speak English. However, if you want to do business with Austrians, why not offer an Austrian German website version?

We would be pleased to help you.


Langenscheidt – terms of the day:
Daily English translations of German terms used in newspapers and magazines are listed. Read and learn German by spending just a few minutes daily:
Langenscheidt – Wörter des Tages

(created on Oct. 5, 2009)


Successful international cooperation:
Have you ever been in a hotel and read an elegant, glossy magazine with interesting articles about local sights and places to go shopping? We recently helped design such a magazine. The magazine appeared in French, English, and Arabic.

So that each article flows like an original text, the translations were done by teams of native-speaking translators who live in the countries from which the hotel’s guests normally come.

We rely on teamwork: One translates – one proofreads – one checks for completeness and corrects the last typos. The result: a fluid and entertaining text that reads well, advertising slogans that work.

(created on Sep. 18, 2009)

Please comment via the inquiry form.


Montenegro has declared “Montenegrin” to be the country’s official language — this represents a further step towards local adaptation as there are subtle differences between Montenegrin and Serbian. We are happy to advise you regarding the translation of specialized texts for all European markets.

(created on Jun. 3, 2009)